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A word from the director

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195 South Central Campus Dr
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that I packed my boxes and headed off to college. Once the boxes were unpacked, the roommates met, and my brother had driven away, I realized that there was a whole lot more to going to college than getting in and getting there. For some reason, that hadn’t crossed my mind before that moment. And, I learned that first semester that college wasn’t a cakewalk. Figuring out how to study at the college level, trying to imagine who I would be when my college journey was complete, and the pressures of working, making friends, and navigating a new environment all made for a challenging semester. Thanks to the special attention of one faculty member, I began to get my feet under me, and eventually I grew to love it so much that I’ve spent the rest of my 25-year career working at colleges and universities.The University of Utah’s Student Success and Empowerment Initiative is here to help you navigate many of the same challenges I faced many years ago – along with new ones that grow from our use of technology, the increasing size of our campus, and the growing diversity among you and your peers. Our Student Success Advocates are your guides to the college experience. They listen to your story and help you find the best ways to enhance your time on campus. They assist you in knowing what questions to ask now as well as when you plan for your future. They offer you a personalized attention that is rare on large campuses like ours.

All of us here at the Student Success and Empowerment Initiative want you to know that we value what you contribute to our campus. Our community benefits greatly when you find your niche on campus and develop a sense of belonging on our campus. And, in the process of creating your meaningful Utah experience, you benefit as well. We’re here to assist as you navigate the many ways you can leave your mark on the University of Utah, and we can’t wait to see what you imagine….and then do while you’re here!