Student Success Advocates

Christine Contestable, M.Div., Ph.D.

Nedra Hotchkins, M.Ed.

Jen Molloy, MSW

Stephanie Santarosa, Ph.D.

Bryce Williams, M.Ed.


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Christine Contestable, M.Div., Ph.D.

What do you want to know about me?

I’ve taught at the collegiate level since 2002. Before that, I worked with young people across the state of Utah. I hold a B.A. in English, an M.Div., and a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Utah.

I love teaching, and I love learning. I’m convinced that each of us is always in a state of becoming, that life is a kind of journey, and that the best way to live it is to engage fully each opportunity that comes our way. I grew up in southern Arizona and have lived some different places, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. I love hiking in mountains and slot canyons, watching birds, and anything that includes water. I also love growing things and preparing food to share. I need to feel that the work I do matters. I've never cared about making a lot of money. I'm more interested in things of greater worth. To me, this life is about making connections. It's about relationships and how we treat each other. That’s why I’m a Student Success Advocate.

I can’t imagine anything more important than helping you succeed.



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Nedra Hotchkins, M.Ed.

"To those whom much is given, much is expected." - John F. Kennedy

As a first-generation,non-traditional student,who is a member of an underrepresented African American college community,I understand the various challenges many students encounter. In 2008, my family and I relocated to Salt Lake City from Oklahoma in an effort to obtain graduate degrees at the University of Utah. My professional pursuits began as a full time employee with the Utah College Advising Corps, while completing my undergraduate work. As a graduate student, I held two graduate assistantships in Career Services and the Women’s Resource Center. My time at the University of Utah has afforded great opportunities professional and personally. I have served on a numerous committees and boards throughout campus, all which has provided me greater insight to assist you. I can provide my resume, which includes job descriptions, community and volunteer services and a list of accomplishments. Furthermore, I would like you to know that I’m committed to you, the student.

I hold bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Diversity, and a Master’s degree in Education Leadership and Policy from the University of Utah. My student research interests focus on the intersection of gender and racial identity developments.

In my spare time I enjoy dancing, hiking and party planning. I have committed myself to "giving back" and "paying if forward" through various community services and acts of kindness. I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. I am also married to Dr. Bryan K. Hotchkins and the proud mother of two awesome young people Osiris and Yssis Hotchkins.


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Jen Molloy, MSW

My journey through life has taken me around the country and the world - I am an adventurer, a traveler, and an explorer. In particular, I love to explore the world through travel, outdoor recreation, and conversation. I thrive on learning new things and connecting with others.

I grew up in Northern NY, where I also attended St. Lawrence University, graduating with a BS in Psychology. Upon graduation I headed west to Colorado, then Utah, eventually settling in Whitefish, MT for ten years of rural living. During that time I completed a MSW from the University of Montana in Missoula and had the honor of directing the Center for Restorative Youth Justice. I got married to a creative, hardworking, loving carpenter and had two beautiful, smart, and strong girls.

I have lived and traveled internationally to over 22 countries, and that is only the beginning! I ski, rock climb, mountain bike, and practice yoga regularly. I find great enjoyment in swimming in freshwater lakes. I do not like sledding, bowling, or fishing.


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Stephanie Santarosa, Ph.D.

If you ask me where I’m from, I might say "North America" because I have lived in Michigan, Minnesota, California, Washington, Ontario (Canada!), Ohio, Alaska, Indiana, and now Utah.

I majored in Elementary Education as an undergrad but after serving two years as a Resident Assistant during college, decided I wanted to work with college students. So I went on to get Master’s degrees in College Student Personnel and Guidance & Counseling. I really enjoy helping students reflect on who they are, how they learn, and how to get the most out of their college experience. For my doctoral dissertation, I studied college students’ motivation for learning and the learning strategies that are most important for college success. My husband, Mike, and I have two young daughters—Josie & Maddie. I enjoy reading historical novels, traveling to new places, cooking & baking, connecting with friends and family, watching thought-provoking movies, and learning anything new.


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Bryce Williams, M.Ed.

I have been a member of the University of Utah community since 2005. I hold both a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Utah. My time as a student at the U was enhanced by experiences both in and outside of the classroom. My experiences as an undergrad in ASUU, Bennion Center, being an RA, as well as experiences inside the classroom led me to a career working with students. I am open to a variety of student experiences, but most interested in first-year experience and retention work. I thrive on being around lots of people, but value close relationships.

My personal interests include cooking, reading, camping, traveling, and attending Utah athletic events. I also look at ways in which I can serve and give back to my community.

I’m interested in learning more about you and how to help you succeed!

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